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The Program

The New Cross Gate Program services two very different but important groups of individuals.

Firstly, we offer our services and programs to those who are currently incarcerated or have been through the judicial system. Our programming allows the opportunity for self-expression, self-reflection and catharsis to these individuals. Additionally we incorporate into our entire curriculum the elements necessary for advancement in greater society, both educational and social. These include but are not limited to: educational benefits of ELL (English language learners) education, basic literacy education, CEU (Continuing Education Credits), and credits towards a bachelor’s or associate’s degree to those clients who qualify, and social benefits: increased confidence in public speaking, improvement in ability to communicate effectively, job interview skills, and conflict mediation.

Secondly, we offer current college level students the opportunity for real world interaction and job experience. Interns who sign up to work with the program are placed into facilities to work with clients of New Cross Gate Program. Through this experience students improve their understanding of the judicial and penal systems as well as advancing their understanding of drama, theatre, and education. Many interns in the New Cross Gate Program have their first encounter with a part of the population to which they have not yet been exposed. This interaction gives our interns a first hand understanding of the problems and issues that face and affect the entire nation.

We believe that all people have the capacity to affect great change in our society. Our clients and interns work hand in hand, using the methods of the New Cross Gate Program to develop strategies for implementing real and meaningful change.

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